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Saturday, November 3, 2012

In Disneyland, It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like.....

It was just this past Wednesday when The Great Pumpkin failed to show up again and Charlie Brown go his bag of rocks. It was also the last day of trick or treating in Disneyland. But as soon as the last little costumed munchkin left the premises, armies of Disney overnight workers hit the streets and began the transformation from pumpkins, pumpkins, everywhere to deck the halls with boughs of you name it. The transformation from Halloween to Christmas moves at the speed of light. It actually begins before Halloween as places like New Orleans Square get their decorations put up.

It needs to move fast. Here we are at November 3rd and right about now, Disney TV people are beginning preparations for the taping of the Disneyland segment of the Disney Pars Christmas Parade which goes on much of today. A lot of people show up to watch the taping, a lot of people. Mrs. DisneylandTraveler and myself have showed up on parade taping weekend twice quite by accident and have come away with the opinion that the further you stay away from it, the better. It is quite boring as things are taped, re-taped, then re-taped again. Main Street is pretty much gridlock with behind the scenes walkways set up to get people out of the park. And all to get to see a minor celebrity or two. (One person in our party one year had the privilege of standing in the presence of Ryan Seacrest.)

So while Main St. is starting its Christmas festivities today, we have found that during the parade taping it is the perfect time to hit the major rides of the park because lines or short. Also a good day to visit DCA. Christmas can wait another week or two.....

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