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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wreck-It Ralph Is A Hit

Wreck-It Ralph promotional poster - Disney
I don't know what the box office numbers will be for Disney's Wreck-It Ralph which opened this weekend but I suspect they will be pretty darn good because word on the street and from film critics too is that is just what this movie is - pretty darn good. It is a movie designed to please many age groups from kids basking in the glow of dazzling 3D color to adults who have now grown up through the video game age. Rottentomatoes.com has Ralph getting more love than either of the last two Pixar releases, the horrid Cars 2 and the lukewarm Brave. And just to make it clear, while Disney is Pixar's owner, this is a Disney release, not Pixar (with a PG rating as opposed to Pixar's pretty clean slate of G rated films).

The insider feeling is that Wreck-It Ralph will meet or exceed the success of Tangled, the last major release by Disney Animation. If Ralph makes it to that mark, then the animation department's all time winner, The Lion King, may possibly be a target. 

Haven't seen Ralph myself. I'll wait for some of the early crowds to die down a bit, but I am looking forward to seeing the movie. We're approaching the holidays. What's better than kicking them off but a good fun time at the movies.

Of course, Disneyland has it's Wreck-It Ralph meet and greet all set up to go this weekend. You can find Ralph inside the Starcade video game building in Tomorrowland. Long lines forming I am sure.

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