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Friday, August 16, 2013

A Final Comment About Disney's D23 2013 Expo

You know who out front of the Anaheim Convention Center for D23 Expo
A Disney Photo

The 3 day Disney D23 Expo opened one week ago today. For the last week I have been reading reviews and forum comments from those who attended the event (and those who just like to give opinions for the heck of it). This was Expo # 3 and without a doubt it was the best organized, best run Disney D23 Expo to date with the fewest number of complaints except for glaring one.
There was virtually no new news about Disney Parks which Expo attendees seem to demand. If you pay admission to be a Disney insider, it would really help to have some cutting edge Disney Parks updates. The Expo just touched on what was already known.
The event catered to Disney shoppers which seems to be a trend that is growing in the Disney realm and depending on how you look at it, either good thing or something very unsettling. But all in all, everyone seemed to have a pretty good time of it and Disney announced there would be another Expo (in Anaheim again) in 2015. Already planning to avoid it.

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