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Monday, August 12, 2013

Disneyland's Court of Angels

It's really one of the most loveliest spots in all of Disneyland - New Orleans's Square Court of Angels. Last September the quiet tranquil courtyard was overrun with wannbe pirates and the buzz of humming cash registers. The beautiful area was transformed into home base for something called "the pirates league" Step right up and your young buccaneer can get decked out to be swashbuckling pirate (at various price points of course). 

Well hopefully this year the Court of Angels gets a reprieve as the Pirates League gets moved over to the festival arena area for this years Halloween festivities. In an increasing busy and crowded Disneyland, hopefully the people that run the parks take a good look at what few oasis of charm are left and leave them be. Sometimes change and progress in the name of profits do not make good business sense.

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