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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Deck The Halls....It's Already August

Cars Land - Radiator Springs decorated for Christmas in 2012
A Disney Parks Blog Photo

In a matter of weeks, I'm sure you will begin to see Christmas decorations starting to appear at your local Wal-Mart store. That's the way it works now days. It's never too early to get you to start thinking about spending money for occasions that are still months away.
Certainly, this isn't a novel concept to Disney either as earlier this week, Disney Parks Blog (link) posted its first formal announcement about the Christmas Holiday Season at the Disneyland Resort. Christmas at Disneyland will run from November 12 - January 6, ample opportunity for many people to enjoy what Disneyland can bring to one's celebration of the holidays, The good news in the post from Disney is there is no word about taking some of the traditional Christmas events (Christmas Fantasy Parade, Christmas Fireworks, etc.) and wrap them into a special separate admission event. It looks like Christmas at Disneyland as usual and that's a good things because Disney does the Christmas season right if you stay away from the cash registers. The biggest change is the addition of the World of Color Winter Dreams show (and the removal of the multiple nights of the Candlelight Processional which apparently was just to much of an obstacle that required a lot of overhead). The Candlelight Processional is back as a two night event rumored to be December 7 and 8, the way Walt always intended it.
Also missing from Disney's announcement it the return of reindeer roundup which appears to be now heading for a second year without the beautiful creatures (again, the apparent costs to transport the animals to Disneyland, keep them cared of and fed, and the demand for upgraded pens has made the proposition a little more expensive than what Disney now is prepared to pay for). But still, if I had a personal wish for the rest of 2013, it would be to walk through Disneyland's gates on November 17 and getting my holiday season off to a great start.

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