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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Another (Sad) Visit To Disneyland's Court Of Angels

What If This Was Just....Gone?
A few weeks ago I was worried about whether Disneyland was going to turn their lovely Court of Angels in New Orleans Square into another hideous shopping bizarre during the upcoming Halloween and Christmas seasons as they have been known do - (link). Boy, was I off the mark.

Reported by MousePlanet's David Koenig, a very reliable Disneyland insider, the Court of Angels is slated to be shut down for good next month in preparation for a Club 33 expansion next year. Here is a link to David's article - Clubbed.

I posted about this bit of sad news this morning in thread that was lamenting the Court of Angels closure in the MiceChat Disneyland forum this morning. Here is what I wrote....

If this is a permanent closure of the Court of Angels then the news is incredibly sad. Think of the countless numbers of people who have had their photographs taken in that lovely area - couples on their honeymoon, celebrating anniversaries, family reunions (perhaps with loved ones no longer among the living). It's easy to say, when looking at a photograph, that we have the memory of that special place and time. Here is the point that Disney misses. Each and every time you return to Disneyland, the opportunity is there to relive that memory in the moment, to see it as it was all over again. When places like the Court of Angels are removed then they take a little bit of Disneyland's heart and soul with it. They are killing the memories for the sake of profits. Yes, slowly but surely corporate Disney is making the place a soulless shell of its former self. Its not about guests at all. Its about a massive money making machine.

And still the people keep coming.

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