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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Holy Crap! Thunder Mountain Railroad Stays Closed Till Next Year

According to MiceChat, Disneyland has officially announced that they will miss their October 31st reopening for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad which has been closed since January for a complete refurbishment. The new opening is now said to be February 15, 2014. The reason for the extension is Disneyland's recent self imposed emphasis on safety upgrades for maintenance workers and staying ahead of potential issues with California's Occupational Safety and Health people. These safety upgrades were not part of TMR original refurbishment work. This will push the total length of the refurbishment close to 14 months. Wow.


  1. We go in May... So I guess were good ;)

  2. Wow sad day! We rescheduled our trip from the first of October to the first of November specifically to be there for the reopening of Thunder Mt. I'm so bummed out, this was the first time my boyfriend will be visiting DL and I was hoping he could see it all. Oh well, guess that gives us an excuse for another trip later ;)