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Friday, May 3, 2013

A Disneyland Dude Goes On The Little Mermaid (Twice!)

I forget the exact name. It's long.  I think it goes Ariel's Adventure: Voyage of the Little Mermaid or something like that. Anyway, the ride has been open in DCA for almost 2 years and I finally had my first chance to be swept away by The Little Mermaid. Well, swept away? Not so much.

I haven't seen the movie in probably 20 years but I am familiar with the characters, the story, and mostly, the music.  The Little Mermaid does a nice little job of bringing all of those memories back. And that's the word I have for the ride - Nice.

It's not your typical Disney dark ride with assorted vividly painted backdrops and animatronics. The Little Mermaid has a different look to it - a look of "plastic". The plastic glistens in the lighting but it also gives the ride kind of a "cheap" effect (which it isn't). That's just an impression on my part. The ride is enjoyable but I have yet to meet anyone "swept away" by the under the sea journey.

What the ride is - is a people eater. I don't know what the capacity is but the omni-mover conveyor belt ride system has the clam shell ride vehicles literally a couple of feet from each other in a loop throughout the entire ride. What this means to the rider is almost no line - ever - to get on. So the ride is nice if you like plastic. What's really nice is you can jump on the Little Mermaid at the drop of a hat any time you pass by it. Nothing wrong with that.

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