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Monday, May 20, 2013

The Disneyland Traveler Turns Green (With Envy)

A view of Paradise Pier from the Grand Californian from this morning

You know how Marvel's The Incredible Hulk can turn a nice parsley shade of green when people get on his nerves and the rage builds? Well, I have my own way of turning green. It starts by waking up this morning and seeing a text message with the photo above attached from a co-worker who is down in Disneyland this week with her daughter and grand-kids (their first time). The photograph is from her balcony as she stays at the Grand Californian. I was in Disneyland a month ago and already I want to go back. The body parts which came back stiff and sore have had sufficient time to heal and the mind is already beginning to think, and plan, and scheme. Pictures like the one above only help to fuel the fire.

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