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Monday, May 27, 2013

A Quick Take On Mickey and the Magical Map

Mickey and the Magical Map - A Disney Promotional Photo
Mickey and the Magical Map made its debut at the revamped Disneyland Fantasyland Theater this past weekend and is getting mostly positive reviews though there is room for improvement to the live stage show according to those who have seen it. The highlights seem to be that anything that returns Mickey Mouse to a place of prominence in Disneyland is a good thing and that the Fantasyland Theater itself is now being put the use that it was designed for, namely live entertainment. The show is generally upbeat, imaginative, and colorful and at 22 minutes in length, a nice addition to guests overall Disneyland experience.

Some of the criticisms have come from the odd song selections used from Disney movies, a puppet Sebastian from the Little Mermaid that comes off as more weird the entertaining, lack of costume changes through the various sequences and songs by the on stage performers, an ending that isn't exactly rousing, and the show itself is heavy once again putting the Disney Princesses front and center which seems to have become the overall theme for all of Fantasyland these days.  

Now since I haven't seen the show I can't really be a fair reviewer (there are now full videos on YouTube if you want to check it out though) but here would be my take. The Fantasyland is a huge cavernous space in a park that is space challenged. Using the theater for a princess meet and greet like it has been for the last several years really failed to put the space to a good productive use. If getting in line (sometimes very long lines) to see Princesses wasn't on your Disneyland agenda then there wasn't a reason to give the area for most people a second thought. With Mickey and the Magical Map at least the area is now being used as it was intended and will bring entertainment to a broader spectrum of park guests. BUT..... when it comes down to it..... wouldn't you rather see some sort of ride attraction in that space? 

I suppose Mickey and the Magical Map will play for the next year or two. Live shows and parades tend to be expensive to develop so once they're in place, they stick around for awhile. If Mickey was a walk in like Billy Hill over at the Golden Horseshoe, then it is probably worth my time. If its one of those things you have to line up for long before the show starts, then I'll probably pass. This show isn't Aladdin or anywhere near it.

Funny....  I keep wanting to call it Mickey and the Magical Lamp for some reason.

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