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Friday, May 24, 2013

Disneyland's 24 Hours Of (Fill In The Blank)

We are now six hours into Disneyland's 24 hour summer kickoff  (Monstrous Summer). So far, so good, with no reports of ill tempers, gridlock, fist fights, or other forms of mass chaos. The morning began quietly but reports now have the crowds levels starting to increase and the real action should commense shortly. Should be real fun when those showing up for the 24 hr. event get closed off to some of DCA's best attractions which will be put off limits because some bright person thought having a Grad Night at the same time wouldn't be too much of a problem. A crowd of 100,00 - 125,000 thousand people is expected by tonight and doesn't that sound like fun.
Really, I could live around the corner from Disneyland and you couldn't force me in there with a cattle prod today. The older I get the more I've come to recognize the value of a good night's sleep.
Take it easy out there and get home safely.

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