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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Adventures in Trader Sam's

Many fun nights were spent at the old Lost Bar watering hole at the Disneyland Hotel. On a warm evening, it was the perfect way to end your Disney day relaxing and reminiscing about what transpired throughout the day. So when I had heard the Lost Bar was closing during the Disneyland Hotel remodel I was a bit downtrodden. They were taking away the Lost Bar and the Water Falls? Well down deep, I knew Disney would replace the Lost Bar with something new and probably something even better. There's too much money to be made with a place like that and sure enough, Trader Sam's pops up with the Hotel renovations and it takes the Lost Bar and pluses it and pluses it some more. Trader Sam's is a fun place. Trader Sam's is a great place.

Since we weren't staying at the Disneyland Hotel this time around, Mrs DisneylandTraveler and I made our way down there one afternoon on our most recent visit to check out the changes to the hotel after renovation. It was our first chance to see it completed. Color me impressed. Disney did a fine job modernizing the venerable landmark and brought it up to a nice contemporary standard. A Trader Sam's is one of the nice new features. Yes it's a cocktail lounge, a bar, but nicely themed with emphasis on the exotic both with the drinks and the decor. The bartenders are first rate as well, helpful, fun, and friendly.

I asked the bartender for a recommendation and she said the Shrunken Zombie Head was their best seller. "I'm in" and the rum began to pour (3 kinds). Of course you can get your Shrunken Zombie Head in a Shrunken Zombie souvenir head so I picked up on that as well (and now proudly looks out on my cubicle here at work). About twenty bucks with drink and souvenir head and well worth it. Mrs. DLT is not much of a drinker and went with a virgin pina colada which she enjoyed though it appears Trader Sam's menu of non-alcoholic drinks is a bit on the skimpy side (at least on the printed drink menu).

One Shrunken Zombie Head - Bottoms Up!
Since Trader Sam's shares space with the Tangaroa Terrace walk-up food service restaurant, a menu of nice appetizers is also available. Mrs. DLT and I opted for chicken lettuce wraps a nice choice for a light afternoon snack. They were very good.

Chicken Lettuce Wraps - a light and excellent appetizer
Sam's only seats about 40 people inside. The good news is there is room for about another 65 or so with outside seating. There's a huge outdoor fireplace to enjoy when its chilly but when its warm, Trader Sam's snuggles up neatly against the Disneyland Hotel's swimming pool and new Monorail water slide. There's a lot to enjoy about Trader Sam's and the revamped Disneyland Hotel. I'll be back hopefully to spend a few nights enjoying the fun the revamped hotel can offer.


  1. The new redo makes the DL Hotel our favorite. Love Trader Sam's and Tangaroa Terrace. Great pictures, btw!

  2. Hi!
    Are you brazilian?
    I would like to have some tips about the place. I'm gonna be there next month and wanna do a really big thing for my girl.