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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Adventureland State of Mind

The broadband connection to the internet was down for awhile this morning. The wireless router needed to be reset and in order to do that it would require me to sneak back into the bedroom where Mrs. DisneyalndTraveler was sound asleep. Sneaking back into the bedroom would have caused the dog to go bat crap crazy waking Mrs DLT to begin her Saturday in a not very good mood. I waited for the boy to get up then I held the dog while he sneaked into the room and reset the modem. Mrs. DLT did not wake up. Whew!!! one less thing to not get in trouble for today.

So  I worked on the above picture with software on the computer while the internet was down. I hadn't done that for a very long time. I mus say, I'm rather please with myself. 

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