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Monday, September 9, 2013

Bob Newhart and Mickey Take in The Disneyland Sights.

Bob Newhart and Mickey - 1974
A Disney Parks Blog Photo

For the better part of 40 years, Bob Newhart has been one of my most favorite performers on TV. Deadpan, understated, sarcasm was Newhart's comedic specialty and he used everyday people in tn their everyday circumstance as a target of his barbed humor. Disney Parks Blog published a photo of Bob taken in Disneyland in 1974, Now I can't really see button down Bob from Chicago as a theme park connoisseur but you never new. He may have has a geat. Bob's response to see the picture after all these years. "I've been looking for that hat for 20 years."

And seeing this picture reminds me that there may be a possibility to extend the pop culture as aspect of this blog into the TV realm. No better place to start than with Bob Newhart - still alive and funny at 84.

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