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Monday, September 23, 2013

Disneyland's Signature Transition From Summer to Fall

The Disneyland Pumpkin Muffin - A MiceChat Dateline Disneyland Photo

In rained here in Northern California like a son of a gun this past Saturday, the 21st, the last official day of summer. When I woke up Sunday morning and stepped outside with the dog (reassuring her that the nasty rainstorm really went away and it was OK for her to go potty again), the air was crisp, cool, and fresh. Maybe the shorts I was wearing should be exchanged for a pair of sweatpants. Yep, that morning was the first day of autumn, or as most people call it - Fall. That's a strange name for a season but looking at the big tree in the front yard, in a couple of weeks, the word 'Fall' will make perfect sense. That's my seasonal passage, for October and November around here, its all about picking up falling leaves.

There is a Disneyland summer-fall seasonal transition as well. You could say summer ends when all the ride and attraction refurbishments spring into full speed, or the park hours get severely cut, or pumpkins and the color orange appears almost everywhere, or Jack Skellington takes over the Haunted Mansion. No.....that's not it. For Mrs. DisneylandTraveler, Disneyland changes seasons with the appearance of her beloved pumpkin muffin. She says Disneyland makes the best pumpkin muffin anywhere. I'm not going to argue. I don't even like pumpkin (to be more specific, I don't like pumpkin spices) and I have to admit Disneyland's pumpkin muffin is pretty darn good, especially with a hot cup of coffee on a cool autumn morning. MiceChat published the above photo this morning. For us here at the Disneyland Traveler Blog, fall - autumn, whatever you want to call it, has officially arrived. The pumpkin muffin is back on bakery shelves.

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