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Monday, September 16, 2013

Limited Time Friday the 13th Magic? Not Quite

So my friend texted me either last Friday evening or Saturday morning asking me if I knew if Disneyland published attendance figures. It was an odd question but I told him they do not publish any kind of attendance figures at all but a busy day usually puts between 40,000 and 70,000 people in Disneyland itself from what I've read. And then I read about last Friday evening at Disneyling in this morning's MiceChat Dateline Disneyland update (Link). Now my friend's odd question made complete sense.

I do not follow Limited Time Magic events at all. I had no interest in them from the beginning and even less interest in them now. I think they are silly promotions for the most part just meant to mostly get annual passholders back into the park again and again with something "new" with Limited Time Magic. By not following Limited Time Magic, I had no idea there was a special Friday the 13th LTM event to kick off the Halloween season. People came, and came, and came and soon packed Disneyland on a Friday night, in many cases overwhelming cast members, causing long lines, creating grid locked conditions, and leading to shortages in food and merchandise the event was promoting. And my friend was in the middle of it and apparently not really enjoying the chaos.

If I would have known, if I would have followed LTM events, I probably could have warned him. I did warn him that Friday the 13th would be crowded with local annual passholders,but the addition of LTM dance parties put the crowd over the top and sucked the fun right out of the place unless dealing with that kind of mess is your kind of fun. 

Limited Time Magic - I hate it.

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