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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Around Disneyland - September 12, 13 - Pictures - Part 1

A view of the closed TMRR from Tarzan's Treehouse
Well, in an act of kindness that fueled my sense of Disneyland longing my friend and co-worker passed on to me a CD of some of the photos he took on his trip to the resort a little over a week ago. He took some really good pictures and if truth be told, takes better pictures than me. Heck, Mrs. DisneylandTraveler takes pictures for better than me. I've got this tremor in my hands since I was about a teenager that's a hereditary thing. 70% of the pictures I take are discard-able due to my hands and the camera shaking. The other 30% are passable. One of these days, Mrs DLT is going to let me have a camera that will compensate for my hands.

Pictures from around Main Street:  Where are the people? This was Thursday. The people would show up in droves the next day on Friday the 13th, the first official day of the Halloween season.

A quiet walk up Main St.  A rare occurrence these days.

Due to the lack of people on Thursday, all rides open were almost walk ons
with no more than a 15 minute wait. Most were only 5.

Pictures from Club 33:  My friend and his wife have connections due to a couple they are close friends with and really are Club 33 members. By profession, their friends, both the husband and the wife are anesthesiologists. 

Menu cover. Leather bound. Pretty fancy for a menu that has 5 or 6 items.

The Club 33 halibut. The price? Try around 80 bucks.
Lamb Chops
Club 33 check in. Elevator to the dining room is off to the right there.
One of the dining rooms.

Another dining room

Care for a dessert?

Maybe the last photo I will have of the lovely Court of Angels before
Club 33 takes this sport over for its new entrance.

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