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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Starbucks Opens In Disneyland: Superman Dressed as Clark Kent

The "old" Main St. Market House - A Disney Photo
The new Disneyland Starbucks location, now housed in the beloved Market House structure on Main St. USA, opened this past week. Yes, a lot of the old time charm has been sucked right out of the place but give Disney Imagineers credit, they tried to keep as much of the old time, turn of the feel of the place in the sleek new facility as they possibly could. Basically, they skinned a modern Starbucks. Starbucks is an immensely popular mass market coffee house of the modern age. Disneyland has taken the Starbucks superman and put it in mild mannered Clark Kent's clothes. Even the die hard Disneyland traditionalists can't be too displeased with the effort. And if they are, they will get over it. 

Yes, the pot belly stove and checkerboard are still in there. And is something that the old Market House never had - indoor seating.

Market House - Starbucks - Disney Concept Art

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